Posted on May 10, 2012

If you know me, then you may be aware of the filthy juvenile part of mind. So it should come as no surprise then that I spotted the above logo for 25 magazine and giggled, ‘It looks like a curvy lady flaunting off her milkshake’…Surprisingly I wasn’t far off…

In an interview with models.com Anja Rubik, one of the magazine’s editors, (the other being Sasha Knezevic), describes the inspiration behind the new logo as “the woman’s body, her sensuality and her strength…think of it as the new 69 – but on a woman’s terms.” Well its pretty safe to say that they sure achieved that!

I am a big fan of simple and clean branding and more so when you create an “emblem” from an object which already has its own identity, in this case the number ‘2’. The untrained eye would simply look at it as a standard & inverted number ‘2’ that creates the number ’25’. Those with a similar train of thought as myself would see the confident curvaceous lady turning her head around and angling her arms to her hips, playing with your senses, but on her terms.  If we examined it further however and refer back to the femininity aspect that Anja describes, the logo is almost reminiscent of the astrological symbol “Pisces”, which is said to be based upon a story regarding Aphrodite, the epitome of Love, femininity and of course sexuality.

The new issue doesn’t leave the logo to itself, no sir, it praises the strong yet sensual women but with delicious erotic twist through its photography, articles and an array of contributors including Abbey Lee Kershaw, Victor Demarchelier, Aline Weber, Ellen von Unwerth, Eniko, Dita von Tesse & many many more.

Finally If you’re mind is still too pure to come to terms with what I’m going on about then I suggest you take a gander at the steamy teaser videos by Santiago & Mauricio Sierra starring none other than Abbey Lee herself…then I’m certain you will see what I see, and probably much more.



Is it just me or in the first video did Abbey Lee just like the 25 logo into a side view of the male genitalia!!? HOT TAMALE!


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