Posted on July 14, 2012

I love Roberto Cavalli, but now I #Vodkalove him more!

Check out the man himself showing us how to make a delicious Cavalli Cocktail with his own brand of Vodka along with an excerpt from his personal blog. I NEED to try this, in my head it tastes of sex and animal print…and God does it taste good!

Cin Cin A Tutti Roberto! x

“In life it takes imagination! I believe I have it!
I do not remember if I told you what it was that prompted me to create the ROBERTO CAVALLI VODKA.

I go clubbing… I notice that vodka is the most popular drink… smooth… or with some juice… the most fashionable vodka is French…

French…? Why not Italian…? I design the Cavalli style bottle and my son Tommaso selects the best distillery… that’s how the first Italian Vodka is born!

A few days ago I create a special cocktail… I can say I am not fond of high volume alcohol drinks… but I really like my cocktail… maybe too much! I get into a nasty habit of making one before bed… l put the glass near the bed and I enjoy it ‘til the last delicious drop! It helps me fall asleep… gently!

Try it and let me know how you like it…”



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