Posted on February 1, 2013

Chanel’s latest advertising offering, lensed by King Karl himself, is probably something I didn’t expect to see. With the designer himself talking of lightness, air, renewed energy, and then of course having gigantic solar powered wind turbines alongside the catwalk at the Grande Palais during Paris Fashion Week, I would have thought their campaign would have been a literal interpretation of this…but thank the lord it isn’t!

Check out Stella Tenant, Yumi Lambert and Ondria Hardin in the clean, almost uncluttered and rather quirky Chanel campaign.

At first I wasn’t particularly taken aback but anything here, but as more images came to be released I could almost understand and appreciate where Karl was going with this. The clean lines, neutral tones and japanese influence of the set work perhaps an ode to the absence of the typical Chanel elements within the collection, work well to highlight the colours, textures and details of the garments.

I personally find Stella to be an unnecessary presence in the campaign, however I can appreciate her being there to appeal to the older demographic as both Ondria and Yumi are only 16 years old! And while there may not be a obvious relationship between them all, it doesn’t feel distant, uninviting and cold as a certain D**R campaign. There’s some life, (more than most campaigns this season), and light hearted humour here, and personally I think it sells a rather questionable collection extremely well!

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