Posted on September 12, 2012

I tire of hearing the phrase “typically Gucci” when it comes to their advertising campaigns, it sounds so negative. How about accepting the fact it doesn’t need to be anything BUT Gucci!?

Anyway… True to form, Mert & Marcus have delivered an exquisite autumn/winter campaign – A gothic, dark and decadent series of photographs with a sublime set design and a hauntingly beautiful cast, alongside the equally captivating collection.

Check out the rest of the images here.

Everything about this bewitching campaign screams “Luxury”, which is of course the Gucci aesthetic. The accessory shots on the polished mirror tiled floor alongside the scattered rose petals and the reflection of autumn hued leaves, are ever so fairy tale-like and enticing. Models Karmen Pedaru, Lenz Von Johnston and Nadja Bender, lay provocatively around the opulent and somewhat eastern influenced set, while having a seductive and “vampiric” aura, (prevalent in many advertising campaigns this season), about them.

What I love the most is that rather than branching into completely new territory, this is a continuation of the pre-fall & golden hued spring/summer campaign. There’s a connection, a story and familiarity with the models used.

And while I don’t exactly think “Gucci” when I see Lenz Von Johnston, he does fit the dark concept and extravagant setting well, and more importantly, really sells the collection.

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