Posted on August 21, 2012

If there’s one brand you can consistently rely on for great concepts and execution while retaining their core, it’s Lanvin.

Photographed by Steven Meisel, the theatrical new campaign sees an diverse age range of “ordinary” people rather than well known models, all styled beautifully and yet conventionally while set amongst a bazaar of quirky accessories and furniture to match Alber Elbaz’s tongue and cheek mood.

Check out the campaign and video here.

If well known models had been used it would have ruined the authenticity of the campaign. With this cast, Alber has allowed the general public to identify with the collection and make it accessible to anyone, no matter what their status, age or look.

This is further enforced in the way each shot tells a personal story, made up in the mind of the viewer – each image is like a chapter in the autumn/winter novel and the set design expresses their individuality perfectly. One can only imagine the captivating life of Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock, (the lady giving serious ‘tude in the header graphic), an 82-Year-Old former Apollo theater dancer, yet through the sombre lighting, shadows, attitude and the inviting, domestic-style set design, it’s almost as if we know her or even are her.

Photography: Steven Meisel
Creative Direction:  House and Holme – Ronnie Newhouse and Stephen Wolstenholme.
Hair: Pat McGrath
MUA: Guido Palau
Set Design: Mary Howard



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