Posted on January 2, 2013

Well it’s been a while since i’ve posted any advertising campaigns so what better way to begin the year than with the most OTT tanorexic FEROSH one of all!

High above the mortal world, the gilded immortals, Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy, Joan Smalls, Veit Couturier, Edward Wilding, and Kacey Carrig stand glistening, victorious and stranded in what seems like the aftermath of a war on Mount Olympus.

Check out the campaign here.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Versace ALWAYS delivers! While the collection may not be to everyone’s taste (I dig elements of it!), the campaign is saturated, dramatic, glamourous and just dripping in glittering God ordained sex! It’s so over the top and let’s face it, has been retouched and photoshopped to the Undying Lands and beyond, but we are talking about Mert & Marcus here – If it wasn’t I’d ask for a refund!

Daria’s wins the battle of the babes as her shot is my favourite and has a gorgeous, ethereal and angelic quality about it, almost as if she’s ready to resurrect her dead lover while the Olympus air stirs through her divine hair. Kate looks like a fierce 20 year old Brazillian model, and the scantily clad boys are shooting Blue Steel’s like their lives depends on it!

It may be dramatic, camp and slightly comical, if there’s one thing Versace know how to do, it’s to engage you with an eye catching campaign…And they certainly have my attention!



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