Posted on October 8, 2012

Without meaning to be rude, I actually thought this was Aubrey O’day at first…

With a November 13th release date and hot off the debut of the video to the new single Your Body, check out the new artwork for Christina Aguilera’s seventh studio album Lotus shot by photographer Enrique Badulescu.

Rising from the ashes of her last studio effort a lotus flower, the cover see’s a nude Christina Aguilera with platinum blonde tresses covering her modesty, arms outstretched as if she is a Goddess, bathed in pure white light. As the singer described, “The lotus represents an unbreakable flower that survives under the hardest conditions and still thrives,” which is a reoccurring symbol primary in Hinduism, Buddhism and Egyptology, but each holds a different meaning that Aguilera and Badulescu have tried to capture.

The purity aspect of the Lotus is more than likely related to the singer’s “new beginning” after the drama surrounding her personal and professional life, so it’s probably best not to associate it to the lyrics of her new single Your Body. The Egyptian’s saw the flower as a symbol of rebirth, the pink/white colour of the flower in Buddhism represents personal peace and mental purity, while the her pose and the overall composition have clearly been heavily influenced by images of the Gods & Goddesses from the Hindu faith, with the lotus representing trancesdence, the seat of a higher power and that which blooms even though the waters it grows in are murky – a clear reference to the trials and tribulations surrounding her weight, disastrous album sales, divorce, love life, child birth and embarrassing period moments she has had to endure recently.

I think the concept is lovely, even though I am tired of hearing her say the same thing about “I’m free, I know who I am etc” for the past 5 years now. Sadly I don’t think it has been executed very well. It pains me to say it, but it looks like an extremely amateur photoshop job, especially when compared to the brilliantly designed artwork for Bionic. I just hope the rest of the album artwork fares better! I have no doubt the music will be fantastic as always!



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