Posted on January 2, 2013

Annie, Annie, Annie…I love you so much…just not on  this cover…

The usually sprightly actress, Anne Hathaway looks as if she’s still recovering from ingesting a bit too much “Christmas Spirit” over the holidays, as she covers February’s Harper’s Bazaar UK.

The behind the scenes video explains the shoot to have an “old Hollywood glamour” theme, yet here we have a drooping-eyed and awkwardly composed lady, whose “smouldering” look makes me want to call her an ambulance. The cover sadly looks far too forced and uncomfortable, showing the Les Misérables actress to be out of her comfort zone.

I would have loved to have seen Anne exude confidence on the cover of a magazine such as Harper’s, hopefully the accompanying editorial will fare better because some of the scenes in the video look great!

Side Note: Funny how the preview images have Anne trying to look “sexy” in a corset, yet she explains in the issue, she’s neither that or “cool”. As an actress (cat-woman anyone?) and a person I think she’s both, but in a very girl next door kind of way and definitely not on this cover.


*Photographer TBC*


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