Posted on February 10, 2013

FINALLY a Men’s cover!

The prettiest male model around, Douglas Booth takes on the role of a “New School Romeo” (no doubt a reference to his role in the new 2013 film adaption of Romeo and Juliet), on the Bruce Weber lensed cover of VMan #29, Spring/Summer 2013.

Although I’m not opposed to black and white covers in spring (as as almost perfect as his face is), I’m not too keen on the shot, especially after seeing how great the accompanying editorial is. Douglas may be going for “New School”, but it’s definately “Old SKOOL” Romeo he’s channeling here, with a distinct air of Leonardo Di Caprio a la Baz Luhrmann on one end, and a whiff of Leonard Whiting on the other.

Check it out.

Forgive me for the rushed photoshop job, but I thought I would take it upon myself to mock up covers of the images I would have chosen and why.


Douglas looks far more convincing and believable in these shots. What’s also more appealing is how much more “cinematic” they look. The colour of the font which I very much like, sits far better in terms of a “spring/summer” look with a lighter and white greyscale image too. But that’s just me, what do you think?

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  1. Emilie Garnes September 2, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    I couldn’t have agreed more! The shot they chose definitely isn’t the best one out of the shoot.. although Douglas never looks bad I prefer the other pictures :) x

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