Posted on September 28, 2012

Having just put promotion for her debut album to rest, the beautiful Jessie J covers Elle UK’s upcoming November issue in an elaborate Dolce & Gabbana body suit.

The Laser Light singer has touted her work with Rankin as the “best shoot ever,” however from this cover I’m not so sure.  The pose and expression look somewhat uncomfortable and the proportion of her head and retouching of her beautiful face, compared to the rest of the her body, also seems a tad off.

I’m not a fan of the played-out bodysuit, but it is quintessentially a “Jessie” outfit which, as we know, she can easily pull off with that A+MAZING body of hers. I know Elle were going for an elegant, ethereal, sleeker and metallic theme but I would have liked to see something more dramatic and different for the cover, especially after seeing what she wore in the behind the scenes video which you can check out on Elle UK here.

Behind the scenes video/styling >>> Cover… I can’t wait to see the final Elie Saab gown image!

*Plays Who You Are for 10000000th time and sings into iMac*

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