Posted on June 16, 2012

Dazed & Confused are like the cool kids at school. Not the cheerleaders that will grow up to be cheated on by their jock husbands and knocked up with three kids in a trailer, but the Edward Cullen/Stefan Salvatore ones that everyone fears but wants secretly want to jump on.

The magazine is constantly on the cutting edge of fashion and photography and just like their June issue with Noomi Rapace, have  once again excelled themselves by featuring the “literary world’s new luminaries” in an exceptional manner.

Check out the accompanying editorial shot by Kacper Kasprzyk and featuring models Katryn Kruger, Cora Emmanuel, Mackenzie Drazan, Madison Headrickm and Maria Bradley here.

The cover stars Zenia Sevastyanova donning an on trend severely cut, (but wet look), bob while wearing a Giles F/W 12 white heavily scorched long tailed blazer accompanied by the lines “Eleven of today’s hottest young authors turn it up to 11” and “A literally playlist of music inspired short stories”. Clearly the resemblance to a composer was intentional and it’s done with such finesse.

It gets even more exciting with the editorial inside. Robbie Spencer has done a wonderful job with the styling, I absolutely love the way the women are adorned with such structured masculine elements yet this hasn’t overpowered their core “femininity”. In fact it has amplified it! Kasprzyk dramatic portrait like photography simply fits this concept like a glove.

Dazed are simply in a league of their own, I’m already looking forward to what they have planned for August!

Photography Kacper Kasprzyk
 Robbie Spencer
Akki using Y.S Park 
Alice Lane at Jed Root
Cora Emmanuel at Ford NY, Katryn Kruger and Zen at IMG, Mackenzie Drazan and Madison Headrick at Marilyn, Maria Bradley at DNA
Photographic Assistants 
Nicholas Ong, Emilio Hernandez, James Giles
Styling Assistants 
Daniel Edley, Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, Shawana Grosvenor
Hair Assistant
 Reona Den
Make-up Assistant 
Tayler Treadwell
Digital Operator 
Joseph Borduin
Noah Shelley for AM Casting


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