Posted on July 24, 2012

#YouCantGetWithMeIf you don’t do paisley…

Check out the images from the Etro Spring/Summer 2013 menswear catwalk at Milan Fashion Week with some of my key notes on colours and influences below.

ranged from the Mahabharata to a chromatic pattern like artwork, which begins as nothing and then develops into giant,  symbolising “the accomplishment of a peaceful and enlightened state of mind”, and a collection with an overall fluidity in terms of culture and material. The sublime colour palette of this transformation developed from the jewel-like tones of royal blues, navy, saffron, orange, turmeric like yellows, forest greens and majestic purples, to ombre prints and whites. The primary focus here was on the amalgamation of eastern and western influence though loose trousers and draped elements coupled with tailored and structured suiting taking on a slight military influence, eastern styled turbans, embroidered and beaded shirts that resonated opulence, sandals (without socks, thank the lord!), coloured and embroidered slip ons and of course the staple Etro paisley we all love that adorned luxe silk blazers and scarves.

On a side note, if those models are donning Etro headphones then OMG can I put my order in now!?!?!


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