Posted on May 30, 2012

Moments ago, Florence and The Machine premiered their David LaChapelle directed video for their new single “Spectrum.” Check out the beautiful visual here.

The famed photographer, who last worked on the late Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry On Their Own” visual has said, “It’s a beautiful song that really touched me and inspired me to create imagery that matches its power. ‘Spectrum’ is free of scepticism, irony, and the coldness one finds in a lot of contemporary popular music. It’s the opposite – full of light, positivity and authentic joy. I hope that I can do justice to this moving modern classic.”

Worshipped by ballet dancers, emerging from a cluster of crystals in a modern city, guarded by Egyptian guards, being reborn from the depths as a mermaid and the odd product placement, the visual is both wonderful and mind boggling. By the end, Florence does her best impression of Disney’s Ariel, (in the scene where she loses her human legs and becomes a mermaid again), albeit in Couture.

The video is oh so typically “Florence” but with the gloss and refinement that comes courtesy of a LaChapelle production and fits the perfectly with the nature of the song. It clear that it was somewhat influenced by her stint at Karl Lagerfeld’s “Under The Sea” themed s/s 2012 show last year.

For the singer, her dreams came true when heard LaChapelle was interested in directing the visual. “It was a complete dream to work with David LaChapelle. I collected his books as a teenager, and I fantasised that he would direct the video for ‘Spectrum’ from the moment the song was written.
 I still cant believe it actually happened, 
and I’m completely overjoyed that he felt such a connection with the song.”

“Spectrum” has a a UK single release date for June 11th accompanied by a special Calvin Harris assisted remix of the song. “Ceremonials” the album is out now.



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