Posted on May 19, 2012

On Friday 4th May, gentleman all over the globe cried out in relief! Their ‘what does to wear with these jeans’ woes were put to rest with the launch of My-Wardrobe’s largest ever edit of men’s footwear for Summer 2012, the A to Z of footwear – The Shoe Library.

According to the online retailer, “This extensive collection of product and information is designed to bring you the key styles and best brands available in the menswear universe and all the knowledge and styling information you need to successfully shop for any occasion.” So exactly how does it work?

Upon entry the customer is greeted with five close up images & five sections, Shoe Search, Shoe Anatomy, Style Guide, FAQ & Glossary & Our Brands.

Take your pick!

Let’s begin with the Shoe Search – It does what it says on the tin. The entire season’s collection is laid out and can be refined by the type of shoe, the designer, size and/or colour. For those confident with their style choices, this section  is for you.

Next we learn about the composition men’s footwear in general by visiting the Shoe Anatomy section. This area gives details on the general make-up of each piece of footwear along with a description when you hover over the specific section (as outlined in the images below). It’s very cleverly done and the script/design implemented to highlight the different areas is extremely appealing to the male customer. I for one learnt what a ‘Welting’ was as well as the ‘Vamp’ & the ‘Saddle’. It’s better you explore this area and learn each part of the Shoe’s anatomy yourself rather than having me explain it, (the information sticks better in your head and it’s a great conversation piece…don’t quote me on that).

Go educate yourself...because your feet are worth it!

If you’ve just heard the unexplainable sound of men cheering and there’s no match on today, it’s most likely because they’ve ventured into what I like to call the ‘heart’ of the Shoe Library, the Style Guide section.

My-Wardrobe have just saved the majority of the male population from committing a major shoe faux pas. The customer picks from a variety of leg wear including shorts, smart jeans even sweats, and upon entering the desired selection they are presented with a variety of shoes that pair up perfectly with their chosen look. For example, as it is summer, (he says looking at the dark clouds from his tiny room), I click chinos (while taking note of the warning in the blurb about not to wear black shoes with Khaki…oops). I am then presented with 66 pairs of Boots, Casual Shoes and Smart shoes, (I’m in brogue heaven), that can be refined by designer, size and/or colour that will suit a pair of my beloved chinos! Hallelujah!! One tiny tip I have is you should use the way the models have been styled as a reference for what shoe you should pick in terms of colour & outfit. Nothing worse than standing out in a crowd because you wore Cheetah print shoes with bright red chino’s!

Pick from trousers to chinos, smart and casual denim, shorts and sweats

No need for making that embarrassing call to your best mate or posting as ‘anonymous’ in a forum, the Faq & Glossary section answers all this niggling question before they’ve even developed in our teeny one tracked mind such as, “Where can I wear patent shoes?” and “Is it ok to wear trainers smartly”…Which I will answer for you now, NO TRAINERS WITH SMART SUITS!!

Finally the ethos behind the various brands is explained in the Our Brands Section alongside testimonials from’s finest, including Lee Duoros, (Head of Menswear Buying), Nick Baltrop, (Managing Director) & Madeleine McLeod, (PR & Marketing Manager).

'Sanders is a wonderful traditional shoemaker that joins Grenson and Trickers in our line-up of classic Northampton brands but where it differs for us is in the use of soft crepe soles that lighten the feel for the wearer.' ~ Lee Douros

Innovative, unique & a man’s best friend is how I would describe this great addition to world of online retail.  The Shoe Library provides every ounce of knowledge and styling information you need to successfully shop for any occasion, but with the added benefit of  boosting your understanding of the product you are buying. If you think about it, it’s a great way to raise customer’s satisfaction with their purchase, thus reducing the amount of returns & increasing their confidence with My-Wardrobe to shop again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some pretty petrol blue leather derby’s to drool over.

Effortlessly slick, smart & perfect for that 'oh these old things?' look


Visit the Shoe Library at My-Wardrobe




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