Posted on September 1, 2012

Somebody please find me the person who will spend £545 on a “newspaper holder” so I can point out the use of their hands… and proceed to slap some sense into them too.

As beautiful as the red leather and black leather holder may be, at a minute 15 x 2 cm (there is something wrong there), the Jil Sander accessory seems like the most most pointless purchase ever. Why buy something with clearly only one ridiculous use when my hands are much more suitable to hold the free Metro or City AM in the morning!? Both of which, may I add, eventually go into the paper bin or are left on the seat for someone else to enjoy. Oh and don’t even knock me about the choice of paper either. I very much doubt anyone who reads the The Telegraph, The Independent or The Times care enough to want to keep their paper under lock and key, (yes there is a lock mechanism!)

While the leather “paper bag” was an innovative, quirky idea that had potentially had a variety of uses, this just seems like the brand had over ordered on leather and needed a way to use it up.

Will you be purchasing the Jil Sander Leather Newspaper Holder? I’d rather spend my hard earned cash on a full sized designer leather man bag that can hold my paper along with the rest of my life!


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