Posted on July 9, 2012

Warning: These images will burn spots into your retina…I kid I kid…

Following her Tate Modern retrospective earlier this year, Louis Vuitton has finally revealed their extremely dotty collaboration with artist Yayoi Kusama ahead of their NYC store launch tomorrow. Check it out

The collection is comprised of drop-waisted dresses, see through trenches, frill skirts and cropped trousers all in primary red, yellow, black and white along with bags and shoes. While I love the eccentricity and work ethic the 83 year old has I can’t help but feel a tad let down by Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacob. The garments could have been so much more interesting but they don’t seem special or different enough for a creative on Kusama’s level. For that reason the multiple polkadots just look like…well polkadots…there’s no interesting form or optical illusion-like print to replicate her surreal sculptures. I would have liked to have seen more adjustments to the spacing and size between the dots and a more varied colour palette. It’s all just a bit too “Betty Boop” for me.

Either way I’m pretty sure the collection will take off and we will begin to see polkadots trending everywhere. She’s still a legend and a collaboration with one of the biggest brands in the world only cements that.

Image Source: Vogue.com


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