Posted on July 30, 2012


Queen Mariah Carey literally just revealed the cover to her soon to premiere single Triumphant (Get Em’) featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill from her as yet untitled album. I am a very happy Lamb right now and I’ll explain why. Check it out!!

*Round of applause* – not for the terrible text placement, drop shadow, tired pose, odd retouching, or awfully amateur glow around my dear Mimi, but for the fact that THIS is her REAL SIZE and she looks HOT TAMALE! Despite all the negative points, I am a VERY happy Lamb!

The artwork theme for this era is allegedly “gold” with news that the music video that was filmed over the weekend had a lot of golden elements to it. Now even though i’m in uproar regarding the news that husband Nick Cannon is directing the new video, I will wait and reserve judgement until it premieres. I’ve learned since 2008 not to hold out hope for anything visually stimulating, conceptual or different from the thigh baring, hair blowing and body caressing Mariah videos (If she did it with H.A.T.E.U, she’ll do it for anything!). I’m just glad that the Diva is coming back, strong, clearly confident and hopefully triumphant!

FYI: Yes I have heard the LQ snippet but will do a full review when I hear the song this #TriumphanyThursday !!!! *Lamb Shimmy*




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