Posted on June 4, 2012

What’s that? A fragrance campaign that makes sense!?!?

The beautiful Kendra Spears stars in Moschino’s sugary sweet Pink Bouquet fragrance campaign by Giampaolo Sgura. With softer lighting and styling I would have probably mistaken it for a Tim Walker ad…pre Dior Addict travesty of course.


The accompanying TV spot sees a stunning Kendra blissfully reminiscing about her wonderful date the previous night. When she wakes up, a heart shaped bouquet of flowers representing the “Pink Bouquet” fragrance is brought to her, which prompts the model to beginning caressing and kissing the oversized bottle like a love-sick puppy.

Yes it’s not exactly groundbreaking by any means, but we should applaud Moschino and Sgura for not only creating a link and clear narrative between the fragrance and the advertising, but also for executing it well. The final print add is cute and playful with a provocative Kendra adding just the right about of adult sexiness, to balance the abundance of all things girly and pink. Well done Moschino, Dior take note.



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