Posted on October 10, 2012

It’s funny that even though Brad Pitt is 2 years shy of 50 and favours the “hobo-chic” look (that’s me putting it nicely),  he still manages to retain his *swoon* factor.

His latest editorial for Interview magazine, sees the actor as a role-playing chameleon, and whether that’s him looking like your drunk, “holding onto his youth” uncle, sporting dreadlocks and unkempt facial hair or slicked, groomed and wearing eyeliner, the man still manages to put the “young’uns” of today to shame!

Check out the actor don a variety of apparel including Versace, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, A Child of the Jago, Topman and Lanvin in his Steven Klein lensed editorial here.

Despite all the ruckus regarding how he has aged, I actually love this editorial for the pure fact that every “role” he plays is so convincing! There’s actually substance and a story behind each of the photographs which is a rarity nowadays, plus there aren’t many caucasian males who can pull off dread locks this well!

Kudos to Ludivine Poiblance for the wonderful styling, which works brilliantly with Brad’s multi-facetated demeanour! It’s also refreshing to see a celebrity editorial where the subject and photographer are clearly not concerned with trying to hold on to their photoshopped youth.

You can read the full article with Guy Ritchie here

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