Posted on February 27, 2013

From Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs to Balmain, Chanel & Michael Kors, Thanassis Krikis takes model Carolina Thaler, dressed in the seasons finest graphical apparel, and toys with both depth, dimension and perspective with a myriad of geometric, seizure inducing combinations against a checkered backdrop in his monochromatic “Grafismo” editorial for L’Officiel Brazil, March 2013.

Check it out.

I’s a tried and tested concept but I adore none the less. The styling is superb, with each fold, puff and contour adding a further dimension to each image, with the standout in my opinion being the Chanel perspex brimmed hat shot, which wonderfully warps the strict chess board patterned background, just has the Louis Vuitton garments do when worn.

Just be careful you don’t stare for too long!

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