Posted on September 14, 2012

Carrying on from yesterday’s comic book styled fashion story find, here’s another brilliantly executed caption led editorial courtesy of Tom Ford.

Lucho & Juliet, taken from CR Fashion Book #1, wonderfully combines the Snow White fairy tale with the Romeo & Juliet play, in a heavily romantic and excessive, couture led story. The “Park Avenue Princess”, having been blinded by her lust for Dior, takes a bite from a poison apple from fashion house themselves and falls into such a deep sleep, that not even a kiss from the dashing Prince Lucho can wake her.

Check it out.

LOVE! Tom Ford’s vision combined with Carine Roitfeld’s fashion direction is a absolute success here. The comical and over the top story of how Lucho dressed the princess everyday in various designer attire, while watching the god awful “Kardashians”,  works wonderfully with the slicked and disturbingly dark images. However despite the glamour and gloss, the classic romanticism from the Shakespearean tale isn’t lost, as Lucho gives in and lays in a glass coffin, adorned with roses, next to his beloved for all eternity…dressed in this season’s best, naturally.

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