Posted on May 26, 2012

With an even greater emphasis on look and image these days, It is not very often that we get to see something simple, real and with minimal retouching in fashion photography. So Dennis Veldman did something about it…

‘Myrthe, Natasja & Jody Lynne’ sees the photographer use real dancers playing themselves, rather than models playing a role. The women portray the confidence and drama as they do on stage and without the need of false eye lashes, piles of make-up and heavy retouching. A plain tank top, a quick wave through their hair and a simple pose is all the styling these captivating and talented ladies need.

It really makes you think how the excessive use of retouching applications such as photoshop and now the popular iPhone app instagram have become such a staple in photography. Practically anyone is able to add a false “curtain” of character and confidence to a portrait, shrouding the true beauty of the subject, (yes I am guilty of this offence on multiple occasions).

Has natural and inner beauty in fashion photography really become a sought after rarity…? At least we have images such as this to keep us grounded.

Photographer: Dennis Veldman
Models: Myrthe Kaars, Natasja Bode, Jody Lynne Bakker



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