Posted on August 29, 2012

If you’ve taken a look through the Art Direction side of my portfolio – www.chiraghpatel.com – you may have noticed that there is a theme or consistency in all the shoots I have done, despite being for different brands or clients. I always try and put some type spiritual, divine or esoteric meaning behind my work, even if just within the concept stage. No matter what the current trend is or even if I am researching and generating ideas for a commercial advertising campaign, there has to something “behind the veil” pulsating through it.

Without The Sun I Am Silent is a photo shoot I conceptualised, styled, and Art Directed alongside two amazingly talented creatives I have worked very closely with over 3 years, photographer, Lucie Eleanor and the Make-Up artist, Ashley Kay Gifford. The idea was to capture the nourishment the sun provides through a vessel, an invoker if you will, and convey both the physical and metaphysical effects.

The title, a translation of the latin motto “Sine Sole Sileo” found on sundials, is expressed through the sunlit & shadow cast areas of both the models tribal marked face and accessories reminiscent of the time telling device itself. Sequins are dormant in the dark but shimmer and dance in the light, while metallic accessories such as body chains (www.dontdodainty.com) and the heavy geometric talismans around her neck glint and gleam as her very core becomes infused with the divine fulfilment she summons unto her being.

Setting is everything when it comes to an idea that delves into the arcane, so it was only natural that we chose the garden and ruins of a once sacred space in London. But to really bind the metaphysical connection and solidify the concept, it was shot on Wednesday, 20 June 2012 – The day of the Summer Solstice.


Photography: Lucie Eleanor
Art/Fashion Direction: Chirag H Patel
MUA: Ashley Kay Gifford (Primp Powder Pout)
Model: Betty from Lenis Model Management

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