Posted on October 12, 2012

UPDATE: I’ve noticed some websites stealing the image above that I recreated and retouched from one of Rihanna’s award show appearances, specifically for my blog. I would appreciate that if you did use it, you email me to let me know, give me credit by creating a link back to my blog, change the file name and DO NOT crop out my tag.

“Find the #ALBUMTITLE in #allBLACKeverything on the #COVER”

Check out the newly released album artwork for Rihanna’s seventh studio album “Unapologetic”

For a lady who has a “Zero f*cks” attitude, that album artwork and title suits the singer down to a t,  and as usual, the media are touting the fact she appears nude with her modesty covered in handwritten styled text as “controversial”…Puuurrrleeeaase…

The album, said to be a mish-mash of genres, could be said to be portrayed through the photo itself – the cover being an amalgamation of the diverse Good Girl Gone Bad, Rated R (more specifically, the russian roulette artwork), and Talk That Talk, while the “90s” influence stems from the composition and styling – her cropped hair, oxblood red lips, the typography, the exposure of the Isis tattoo and the way the overall lighting. And although the image looks optimistic and carefree with words such as “fun, victory, fearless, happy, faith”, it’s evident from her personal life looking at her expression, that there’s something much darker, brewing within the unrepentant Bajan babe.

Diamonds, the first single from Unapologetic is out now.



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