Posted on June 10, 2012

If you’re still mulling over next year’s menswear summer essentials, then have a break and take a gander at Salvatore Ferragamo’s punchy yet classic Menswear Resort 2013 collection. It should steer you in the right direction.

The relaxed poolside influenced collection, is both bright and summery but offset with a spring-like setting (dark clouds and all).  The bold tangerine and turquoise blazers, equally vivid leather jackets, primary red and blue striped knitwear are all coupled with neutral trousers and contrast roll up chinos, while the introduction of beautiful navy suiting, patterned scarves and trench coats, elevate the looks from casual to chic.

As always with Ferragamo their exemplary tailoring is always true attraction, however one could argue in this case it is almost overshadowed by a range of killer footwear comprising of navy and tan brogues and white soled patent derby shoes…but I’m guessing that’s just my obsession with anything navy and “brogue-like” talking.  I do however have a strong feeling we will be seeing many UK high street retailers influenced by the vivid palette and colour combinations.

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