Posted on October 13, 2012

Earlier this week I picked up what I assumed was the new November issue of Wallpaper* Magazine, strode along to my favourite café, Two Many Cooks, in Dorking, ordered THE most divine toasted sourdough sandwich, (oozing with melted brie, ladened with carrot chutney and rocket), and began reading about Sourdough…again!?…

Being the occasional black haired blonde that I am, I didn’t realise that there were in fact three different covers for October’s issue, so I jokingly tweeted about my faux pas, comfort ate my sandwich, only for the Wallpaper* tweep (aka Digital Director Kay McMahon), to generously offer to send me their November copy in the post…*weeps*

So while I get myself ready to catwalk down the high street and re-live that day again (but this time with the right issue), I would like to thank Wallpaper* and their social media twitter handler for his/her generosity and kindness!

It may not seem like much to you guys, but for me, spending 30 minutes, reading about different cultures, unusual and exciting design features, and of course lusting over items from fashion editorials, allows me to temporarily forget about my slowly crumbling reality, and instead, transports me to a beach sipping cocktails in Brazil while sampling the culinary delights of Beijing, followed by a spiritual re-birth in India.

I look forward to seeing what fashion and design delights Russia has to offer me today. Thank you again, Wallpaper* /Kay, for being a big asterix shaped star!

The November 2012 issue – “Reigning in Russia”, is available now. You can also subscribe to Wallpaper* here


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