Posted on December 31, 2012

Ever since I got over my paranoia phobia of being photographed and put on the web, (and gained some nice comments and followers because of it), I decided that it was appropriate for me to do an award for one of my #TodayImWearing outfits that I either tweeted, blogged of put up on my FB page….That and I deserve some type of award don’t you think?

The 2012 #TodayImWearing Outfit Award goes to…



My FIRST #TodayImWearing post!

It was the first time I wore this OTT alligator print Versace for H&M T-Shirt. I had a fantastic day in the sunshine going around London with my best friend and I loved the simple yet statement combination, finished off with my favourite pair of limited edition converse hi-tops, my favourite All Saints leather tote and of course the red rimmed Marc Jacobs sunglasses!

Im hoping that if my rocky financial situation changes in 2013, I’ll be able to take these #TodayImWearing posts to the next level, but I hope I’ve shown everyone that sometimes  it’s not always about spending a fortune or buying and wearing that on-trend designer piece and not eating for a month, it’s about your individual style, your confidence and how you interpret what’s in and what isn’t. That’s not to say I don’t adhere to trend’s in someway – it’s what what I love researching and writing about – But I will always make sure that my individual style comes out on top!

Remember, “Fashion” is subjective, to an large extent, it’s what you say it is…


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