Posted on September 21, 2012

Appealing to my esoteric side, Raf Simons has introduced a necklace that would sit rather quaintly between the jar of red brick dust, and box of assorted kitty bones on my shelf in my secret attic here in New Orleans…oh wait, that was the movie The Skeleton Key

Anyway, the Big Skull Hair Necklace by Raf Simons available from Oki-ni consists of a large gloss black skull with a 35cm long flowing lock of horsehair, that fades from black to bright purple. Unusual it may be, but I love it nonetheless. There’s a part of me that would wear it with something raw edged, elongated and layered, like this Silent By Damir Doma Layered T-Shirt. Think Rasputin meets Nancy from the Craft.

But then there’s something disturbingly ritualistic about the tail of horse hair touching the suede skull “sigil” of this Alexander McQueen Bonded Skull Sweatshirt. Plus what dabbler in the Arcane doesn’t dig a little “skull on skull” action now and again eh!?

Raf Simons Big Skull Hair Necklace£310 from Oki-ni.com
Layered T-Shirt by Silent By Damir Doma – £105  from Oki-ni.com
Alexander McQueen Bonded Skull Sweatshirt £370 from Oki-ni.com




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