Posted on February 23, 2014

When I stumble across gorgeous items such as today’s Designer Steal, I almost cry. Firstly it’s that awkward time of the month – nearly (but not quite) pay day – Secondly I’m trying to save to find a Maison for my Margiela & thirdly I don’t really need it, nor do I feel the need to own an iPad, but I just REALLY need it…

Here’s today’s beautifully made accessory from foraging The Unconventional website.


Made from 100% tanned vegetable leather, this Handcrafted leather iPad portfolio by Bonastre is now available for only £125 £87.50!

Featuring a single strap fastening to the front & branding to the top of the sleeve, the perfectly imperfect holder is aged & veined beautifully, a trait that should be “expected & revered” (hear hear!). While the description says iPad portfolio, to me the almost A4 28×21 size says Luxe document holder & just when you thought it couldn’t get better, having brought an item from The Unconventional earlier today, the site offers Free Delivery on all UK orders! *cries*

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