Posted on May 9, 2012

As we sadly found out last year, D&G is to merge with Dolce & Gabbana & thus filter out of existence. But fear not! My-Wardrobe.com have snapped up a few exclusive pieces from their latest collection! So here are my top 5 D&G picks to keep as mementos of the good days…(a lil’ emotional a lil’ emotional)…


Slim fit, teal and a little paisley…ah perfection!

Vintage Washed Denim Silk Sleeve Shirt - £250

I loved this shirt as it reminded me of the Versace for H&M bomber jacket that I sadly missed out on… Yes it’s a bit OTT, but treat it like a casual jacket, roll the beautiful sleeves up if you find the detail too much, wear over a white tee & keep it casual.

Black Spot Silk Bow Tie - £90

If you’re not the bow-tie wearing type, then my-wardrobe also have an exclusive diamond print skinny tie for £95.00!

Royal Blue Suede Derby Shoes - £250

How can you not love these exquisite shoes! The colour alone is absolutely divine & brings a smile to my face! However, for those of you who may want to remain a little bit more conservative, My-Wardrobe.com also have a D&G Royal Midnight Velvet shoe for £290 which are equally as stunning.

Black Leather Weekend Bag - £490

For those wild weekends away or like me, if you carry your life around whenever you step out of your house!

Finally this isn’t really in my Top 5 & ill admit it’s not my style, but its SOOO D&G I had to put it up!

Black Leather Logo Buckle Belt - £115


All available exclusively on My-Wardrobe.com






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