Posted on November 13, 2012

There are two fashion staples that my bountiful wardrobe doesn’t hold, and I’ve been wanting both for the past 3 years. The first is a black leather man bag, (my friend had a soft leather Céline tote that I wanted to steal but my conscience got the better of me), and a black leather jacket. The reasons why it’s taken me so long to buy either is because I want something classic and high-end but with the “cool but not so obviously cool” factor.

Now I have even more of a Dilemma. I’m literally like a Vampire who’s spotted some fresh young type-O throbbing neck when it comes to the colour oxblood, so it’s only natural that I recently been seduced by the leather Callerton Biker Jacket from All Saints. More specifically, by the above image with it’s shimmering deep crimson and the contorted and twisted kid skin leather. That, my friends, is the All Saints I love, and from their autumn/winter 2012 menswear collection, here’s what I would wear with it!

Now all I need to do this Diwali is pray for £325 to drop from the Heavens or someone to generously donate it to the Keep Chirag Chic charity.


Oxblood Leather Callerton Biker Jacket – £325 from All Saints
Ecru Border Crew Jumper – £110 from All Saints
Bottle Green Corduane Cigarette Jeans – £75 from All Saints
Sterling Silver Relick Necklace – £85 from All Saints





What Others Are Saying

  1. Oliver Parker November 27, 2012 at 7:17 am

    Leather jackets are a must for all men. They make you look smart and casual. In addition, they also give a welcoming change from the cardigans and jackets that we usually wear.

  2. Naw March 27, 2013 at 2:55 am

    Hey so did you get it?
    would appreciate some feedback bc im looking to buy the same model!

    • Chirag May 4, 2013 at 2:38 am

      Many MANY apologies for the late reply! I didn’t buy the jacket but did try it on and it was perfect! I hope you managed to get one in time!

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