Posted on February 8, 2014

“Wandering the streets of London, seeking a Maison for his Margiela, ranting about random things to ratchet people, full-time forager of designer deals.”

Ever since I ditched the world of freelancing and became a full time Graphic Designer for two british menswear brands, my blog took a backseat… Well, that & my last web-host practically destroyed the blog when it was migrated. Months of hard work building up a following, increased hits & revenue went straight down the drain overnight & unfortunately was never recovered.

9 months later however, my baby as been reborn & rebranded with a new name, new URL & new logo – The Poor Homme (Dot Com). I’m ready to go back to blogging about fashion & design for fun, whilst also having an outlet again for my “ratchet, hood-rat sandwiched within a Ladurée macaron” opinions on advertising campaigns, look books & magazine covers, along with my unique ability to forage the web & bargain bins for those designer deals. All I ask is that you be patient while I familiarise myself with WordPress & basic grammar again.

Thank You!

The Poor Homme



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