Between 2015 - 2018, as Art Director & Creative Lead, I unified the brand's visual signature across all B2B and B2C channels, managed a small team, the creative budget & all brand photography. 
Spring/Summer '18 Campaign

Photography: Agata Pospieszynska (Patricia MacMahon)
Styling:  Ianthe Wright

Autumn/Winter '17 Campaign

Photography: Agata Pospieszynska (Patricia MacMahon)
Styling:  Ianthe Wright

Spring/Summer '17 Campaign

Photography: Jan Lehner
Styling:  Isabelle Kountoure

Autumn/Winter '16 Campaign

Photography: Jan Lehner (Webber Represents)
Styling:  Isabelle Kountoure

Spring/Summer '16 Campaign

Photography: Jo Metson-Scott (Webber Represents)
Styling:  Kerry Panaggio
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